FuseboxCluster Inspection System

 Begapt Cluster Inspection System is non contact type inspection system for cluster at the end of the production line.Cluster components like warning bank,Speedometer,RPM meter,Fuel Guage,Pressure Guage,Odometer etc are given test signal and verified by the camera.

System Features

  • PC based Test System with LCD display as HMI
  • Quick setup for pointers calibration, display, tell tales, analog and digital I/O and communication test
  • Application independent mega-pixel vision system
  • Variant manager handles hundreds of variants. User can create and delete variants
  • Test application integrated release management-Optional feature
  • User based customized feature development
  • Extensive report generation and data recording feature
  • Customized Label generation on OK/Pass
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Remote Monitoring.

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